30 Day Auction

30 Day Auction

20 X 20 Double Deck Auction

This exhibit is a prototype designed for us by Southwest Display & and Events. Colors and branding will be changed for the winning bidder. No bid under $25,000 will be considered.
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This auction will end at midnight Mar 2, 2020

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High quality steel double deck with straight stairway. Deck is 10 x 10 on top with the stairway. The footprint is 19' 6" X 13' 6" and will fit in a 20 x 20 space. There are railings on top and either Plexiglas, Sintra, or laminated wood panels can be placed inside the top railings or stairway at an additional cost. Stair steps are made of a high quality diamond plated steel. Black Sintra panels on top allow for easy branding or adding of graphics.
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Booth Number: auction-1-2
Brands: Southwest
Display Size: 20 X 20
Booth Location: Las Vegas
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This is a Minimum Bid Auction any bid below the listed price will be ignored. Bids are sealed and will be presented to the exhibits owner after the auction is over. Highest bid over the Minimum Bid Auction will win and be notified within 24 hours of the auction closing.

To bid fill out the brief form, this is a silent auction you have no way of knowing what the other bidders have bid. Highest bidder wins. Win or lose you will be notified of winning bid at close of auction.