Zig 20 X 20

Zig 20 X 20

Southwest Marble Palace

Southwest Marble Palace

Southwest Green Cage

The Green Cage does not have to be green; we can build this in any color. This exhibit features bold brand-able signage up top and an open concept meeting area.
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Pre-Designed Exhibit

This exhibit is a prototype designed for us by Southwest Display & and Events. The price shown is a rough estimate your actual cost can be more or less depending on the materials used, graphic options and changes to the design for your unique build.

We would LOVE to talk to you about how we can make this prototype design work for you. Call 702-382-6684 to talk to one of our trade show consultants.


This is a concept for a custom exhibit designed by Southwest Displays and Events. This exhibit can be built with a choice of materials and colors.

If you’re interested in a custom exhibit like this call us and let us show you how inexpensive custom design can be!

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Booth Number: SWD-C-103
Display Size: 20 X 20
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Pre-designed exhibits are unique booths that were designed and either never built or only built once. Once we have a pre-designed exhibit built twice we remove it from our offering. This allows us to offer only fresh unique designs like this one. Pre-Designed should not be confused with the portable or modular new displays we also sell on this site. Many of those exhibits hundreds of copies of have been sold and you often see two or three of these exhibits at the same show.

Most of our pre-designed exhibits were created by Southwest Displays and Events an award winning trade show manufacturer. We are the exclusive online distributor of these exhibits. These exhibits were designed to be easy to brand and highly configurable. If you are interested in any of these pre-designed trade show exhibits call us at 702-382-6684