Consign Your Used Exhibit

Under this option, we will list your booth on our website at no cost to you. When it sells we take 25% of the sale price. Listings on our site get many hits a day from people looking for used exhibits.

By filling out this form you are agreeing to our consignment terms and conditions as listed below.

Under this agreement Lucky Exhibits will list your exhibit for free until it sells. Once it sells we will take 25% of the final sale price. To make if fair for both our sellers and buyers once a sale is made we collect the money and give the seller 50% of the sale price. The buyer has a 10 day inspection period of the exhibit, if it is indeed in the condition indicated on the listing the remaining 50% minus our 25% commission is send to the seller.

If it is not in the condition you described then only after all parts are ordered, fixed or replaced to elevate the condition of the exhibit to the condition agreed upon, will you receive payment for the remaining balance.

Please note Lucky Exhibits would like to give our sellers 100% of the net amount upfront, but due to a large amount of exhibits not reflecting the stated condition, we had to revise our current policy.

If you agree to the terms listed above please fill out the form to get your used exhibit listed.