Will You be Ready?

As the nation begins to open for business many trade shows are re-scheduling with tentative dates. As this situation evolves it is possible shows will open without the normal lead time for planning. Will you be ready? Will this limited planning window force you to use a portable exhibit that does not represent your brand?

Our portfolio of pre-designed exhibits allows us to cut weeks from the planning process by having all the CAD drawings and graphic details already complete. We can also manage all the show site service details no matter the location or date.


Not sure if or when your show is going to take place? You can pre-order now so your exhibit is ready when show dates are confirmed. The world changed overnight with Covid-19. When a vaccine or effective treatment is found it will change again. When that time comes, you may not have your normal planning window. With our pre-order program, you can be ready no matter when or where your show takes place and with an economical, custom exhibit from our award-winning team.

TERMS: You pay 10% of the cost upfront. You have two years to redeem your pre-order. Once you know where and when your show is scheduled the rest of the payment is due.

HOW TO: Pick one and contact us today to reserve your exhibit and production team. It is as simple as that.

Zig 20x20

Big, bold attention getter. This custom exhibit features expansive branding capabilities with large overhead surfaces accented by a bold color accent. Great for product display and incorporating technology with interactive i-Pad kiosks.

Core 20x20

The Core 20x20 exhibit features just that, a central core, with large overhead branding spaces and a massive back wall for additional branding. Casual cafe style seating offers meeting space.

EM 20x20

The Em 20x20 has huge vertical framed graphic areas to support impact messaging. The towering back wall add additional impact as does the overhead signage. Casual seating provides great meeting spaces.

Emergence 20x20

Three massive columns emerging from the ground accentuate this stunning exhibit. Extreme vertical surfaces offer great branding surfaces both inside and out. Product demo areas with LCD's and a large private conference room with secluded welcome desk round out this modern look.

Little Shot 10x20

Big Shot's little brother. At least in height. Sleek lines and lots of messaging surfaces make this exhibit great for technology driven companies. Three workstations and two separate reception/welcome areas make this a great solution to your exhibit needs.

Mpress 20x30

The Mpress 20x30 features a large product demo area and individual workstations for personalized demos. Open design with inviting corner graphic areas and overhead structures tie the space together. A triangular overhead sign echoes the angles of the structure below.

Suspense 20x20

An abundance of suspended overhead surfaces creates a great environment without the clutter of ground supports in the exhibit space. Lots of branding and messaging areas or just bold colors will drive your message in this open setup. Casual seating provides meeting space. Overhead signage for company branding.

Sweep 20x40

Designed specifically for Food shows, this 20x40 exhibit features an expansive food prep area along with a generous curved serving area. Sweeping overhead graphics ensure easy visibility from across the hall. Storage and product display areas provide great branding opportunities on the back. Reception/welcome area includes LCD.

Swoop 20x40

Huge swooping double-sided surfaces provide great branding opportunities in this 20x40 exhibit. Spacious open meeting area and open central area create a very inviting atmosphere. LCD video walls create ever changing messaging coupled with large LCD for product demo.

Waterfall 20x20

Impact. Large waterfall canopy adds drama to this custom 20x20 exhibit highlighting product displays below with museum quality lighting. Simple and elegant. Large LCD provides attendees with your product information.
Wishbone 20x55

Wishbone 20x55

This 20x55 exhibit features a HUGE 40 foot long wall facing an aisle that will stop people in their tracks. Great for product or service introduction when you need a big splash. Technology abounds with LCD's placed around the space for live or static demos. Great casual meeting areas and seating.

Wishbone II 25x35

This 25x35 exhibit, a spin-off of Wishbone, also features a HUGE 30 foot long wall facing an aisle that will stop people in their tracks. Great for product or service introduction when you need a big splash. Technology abounds with LCD's placed around the space for live or static demos. Great casual meeting areas and large overhead signage.

Big Shot 10x20

Not for your average show rules. This design was for a custom booth space that allowed for 16 feet tall back walls. Technology heavy, this exhibit has 3 demo areas and a product information LCD display. Product display area is also included. Lots of impact for such a small space. Check your show rules before looking into this one.

Pre-Designed Custom