Expo Lights Convex

ExpoLight Curve™ Convex

expo bubble

ExpoLight Curve™ Bubble

ExpoLight Curve™ Concave

Very cool Convex shaped banner backlit LED lighting. No tools are required to assemble this lightweight item. Simply connect where two numbers match with the exclusive Build by Number Assembly System™. The graphics are simply applied with magnets. It’s energy efficient, and puts off minimal heat.

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42″ x 92″
(1) 46″ x 92″ Frame
(4) Lights
(1) Graphic Panel
(1) Reflector

More Information
Booth Number: ELCG42F
Brands: Expo Displays
Display Type: Light Box Display
Shipping Weight: 26 lbs
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Hardware
Feature: Made In Usa Includes case or bag
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